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Black Bones, Red Earth, is the harrowing, yet ultimately uplifting tale of a child’s search for happiness and a woman’s test of faith.

Southern Highlands author, Lee Richie, looked to the harsh and unforgiving Australian outback for the setting to this novel.
“I enjoy the unpredictability of writing fiction; you never know quite how the tale will evolve until the words hit the page. As I worked on Black Bones, Red Earth, characters emerged as if from the rugged landscape itself, and though they are fictional players in the drama, their stories are all too real.”

1951: Katherine’s journey begins in the dramatic landscape of the Australian outback, having been abandoned by her father after her mother is killed in a London air raid. There is little tenderness in the young girl’s life until Aboriginal station hands offer their friendship, but love comes at a deadly price.

Current day: Now living an idyllic life in the north of England, for almost sixty years Katherine has hidden her past. But when an old letter is discovered, she is forced to relive her traumatic years under the Australian sun and explain who died and why she had to run. However, there’s a twist in the tale that will bring her once again to her knees. Will returning to Australia help her truly find peace?

“Harrowing, heartfelt and deeply emotional.” –K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite.

Author, Lee Richie was born and grew up in Liverpool England. After leaving school at just fourteen years of age, a teacher fired this parting shot: ‘You’ll never amount to anything, Lee; you’re a waste of life.’ Read more…

“Powerful and compelling!”

Bob M, NetGalley Review.


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