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Audiobook now live

Black Bones, Red Earth Audiobook Trailer

I’m excited to announce that Black Bones, Red Earth is now an audiobook and will be available to purchase on over forty platforms worldwide over the coming weeks as each comes on line. Turning the novel into an audiobook has been a bit of a marathon with Covid among other obstacles to overcome along the way. Finally, recording began early September and I was delighted to have the incredible talents of the iconic Australian actress, Sandy Gore, to put the words into vocals. An amazing talent, Sandy was just brilliant in bringing her experience to the project. Read more about her below. The audiobook is now live on Audible, Apple Books, Spotify, Google Play and Amazon among others. It should soon be available in libraries also. There’s a new cover for the audiobook edition of the novel to give it a fresh new look, and several versions of the promo video have now been released. You can read more about the original Black Bones, Red Earth novel here.

The new cover for the audiobook, Black Bones, Red Earth.

Read by Sandy Gore

I was thrilled to have actress, Sandy Gore narrate, Black Bones, Red Earth, and to get to know her during production. Sandy is the consummate professional and her acting credits are testament to a prolific and successful career.  She was nominated for the Australian Film Institute Award for Best Lead Actress in a television drama, and three times for Best Supporting Actress in film… read more.

Studio production

Taking control in the studio during recording of Black Bones, Red Earth, was ScoopFX Audio Technician, Stephen Kiely. After getting to know him well over weeks of studio work, Stephen proved to be quite a creative talent in his own right… read more.

Tinged with sadness

Sadly, production of the Black Bones, Red Earth audiobook is tinged with sadness, due to the passing of two wonderful supporters of my work. In early August 2022, good friend Dave Letch died peacefully at home. A talented actor and director of stage and film, Dave was instrumental in turning my novel into an audiobook… read more.

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