Sandy Gore

A prolific career

I was thrilled to have actress, Sandy Gore narrate, Black Bones, Red Earth, and to get to know her during production. Sandy is the consummate professional and her acting credits are testament to a prolific and successful career.  She was nominated for the Australian Film Institute Award for Best Lead Actress in a television drama, and three times for Best Supporting Actress in film. She has appeared in A Cry in the Dark alongside Meryl Streep, Lorenzo’s Oil with Nick Nolte and the epic movie, Australia, with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. She has a back catalogue of over thirty movie appearances. 

Sandy says her true love will always be the stage. She has an extensive stage career in Australia with the Melbourne Theatre Company and Sydney Theatre Company including playing Vivian in Wit (2000) and Maria in Uncle Vanya (2012), reprising the latter role in New York in 2012 playing alongside Cate Blanchet and Hugo Weaving among others.

Her television career has been just as prolific. Most recently she played Jeannie in the 2021 television series, The Unusual Suspects. She appeared in the hit series Prisoner, as Kay White. She also starred as Mother Ambrose in the 1991 mini-series Brides of Christ and had numerous roles in TV series such as Grass Roots and Farscape. She played Heckla in the 1992 children’s sci-fi series Halfway Across the Galaxy and Turn Left. She also appeared as Anja in Paws and as a guest role in Rafferty’s Rules.

Black Bones, Red Earth is Sandy Gore’s first audiobook narration. She says she enjoyed reading the novel.