About the author




Lee Richie was born and grew up in Liverpool, England.

‘You’ll never amount to anything, Lee; you’re a waste of life.’ Those were the teacher’s cruel words on the last day of school, Lee was just fourteen. The following week Lee gained full-time employment, and by eighteen was married with a young family.

Life was not always easy. Lee migrated to Canada and carved out the beginnings of what would be a successful business career. Ten years later, the family embarked on new adventures and migrated to Australia where once again, they found challenges to test them and success as the reward.

Lee says there are many stories to tell, of hard lessons learned; of life that sometimes brought the family to their knees. Of reaching heights once thought impossible. Of being poor yet feeling rich, of being down but never beaten.

‘I want to tell my stories through the characters I write, recall my experiences in a light and entertaining way that might inspire others who face daily challenges of their own. I’m so grateful for my life and my family, for the people I’ve met and the places I’ve seen along the way. A waste of life? Not mine; not a minute of it.’

Alexander Bottom & the Dreamweaver’s Daughter is Lee’s first novel.

Lee now lives in the Southern Highlands, just outside Sydney.