New Year, Time for Resolve

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It’s the end of another year, time once again to look back, evaluate, then turn our attention to the next twelve months. I must say I’m happy with the year just ending, but it’s flown by in the blink of an eye. I sometimes feel like I’m on a runaway train, heading for the end of the line and I’ve got so much I want to accomplish during what’s left of the journey. Time then for plans and resolutions.

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I’ve always felt a strong sense of new beginnings come January first. Time to wipe the slate clean and start afresh. It’s a long tradition to use the opportunity to set goals and resolve to do the difficult things. I think the best New Year’s resolution I ever made– and kept– was to give up smoking. It wasn’t the first time I tried, but that one was successful. That was forty years ago now, and I’ll be forever thankful for the decision to give the cough-sticks the flick. I gave up alcohol around the same time and was also successful– until the next night. I do moderate my intake these days, but a nice glass of red is my reward for getting things done. There have been plenty of fails, when it comes to good intentions, but also lots of successes.

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2018 saw me reach several important goals. Along with my partner, Chris, I’ve been riding my bike and exercising at least twice per week to get fit. It takes a fair bit of doing when you want to get other things accomplished, the days are too hot, or too cold; there are plenty of other excuses too, but we are both better for the effort and are now enjoying our time outdoors as a priority.

New book in the works

During the year I managed to get Alexander Bottom & the Dreamweaver’s Daughter published, and I’ve experienced some reasonable success with it across several countries. Thanks to everyone who bought it; I really do appreciate your support. I learned a lot from the experience. I’m pleased to say that I’ve now written, and am just applying the final touches to my new adult fiction novel, Black Bones, Red Earth. Set predominately in the Australian outback, the story follows the life of Katherine, a world war two orphan, sent to Australia as a child migrant during the early fifties. I’ll be letting you know more very soon, and my goal is to be published by mid-year at the latest.

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New Novel, by Lee Richie

Many thanks to everyone for reading my blog each month. I look forward to sharing my thoughts throughout 2019 and take this opportunity to wish everyone a Healthy, Wealthy and Happy New Year.


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