Angels on my shoulder

Book two in the Alexander Bottom series is now underway and I’m as interested as anyone to know where the story is going. What I can say is that the main characters will return, Alexander, Leanne and Malik are now part of the family. I’m happy to have my loyal writing companions, Charlie and Ruby, at my side as always, just in case I need any ideas when the brain doesn’t work. A woof here and there could make all the difference to a great adventure.

Loyal writing companions Ruby and Charlie

In truth, I have never suffered from writer’s block. It’s the opposite in fact. Once I sit down and start writing, it’s like someone is sitting on my shoulder dictating the words, while I am merely the conduit for their voice, the mechanic who gets the story on paper. Most of the time, the words tumble out faster than I can type and it’s only when I stop to read that I get an idea of the work. It might sound strange, a bit flaky even, but all my life I have felt like I’m being watched over. No, I’m not paranoid; I’m not imagining spies on every corner, no phone taps or secret cameras, despite the Facebook rumours. I’m talking about being watched over in a good way; I’ve had guardian angels all my life.

It’s easy as a writer to imagine the vast possibilities of the supernatural and keep an open mind about worlds beyond these earthly realms, we need to in order to write fiction. So it seems only natural that we writers find it just as easy to really believe in things spiritual. I count myself, especially lucky in life. I’m grateful for every chance I’ve had, every gift received. I’m super grateful for my family and friends, without whom I would surely have fallen from the tracks, many years ago; these are among my angels. Yes, my life is littered with angels. They watched me grow, they shared my heartaches when times were tough, joy when times were wonderful. They helped me understand when I needed a reason, comforted me when I needed faith. Add to these earthly angels, the spirits who sit on my shoulder when I write and it’s no wonder that the words just flow and I find myself with so much to say.

Book two coming soon

2 thoughts on “Angels on my shoulder”

  1. Somehow your blog came up on my FB today, Rich, and I’m reading them from current to past. They are so wonderful that some of them bring a leap in my heart and others a tear to my eye. You are a magnificent writer. Love, Mary

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