Welcome to my world

Cropped pheasant

Step into my world, where, at my desk, I’ll take you to places far and wide, and where we’ll meet the characters who will accompany us on our journey.

I never cease to wonder, how quickly a new world will open up before me. From my little office overlooking the garden, I look out, and soon the snow-covered peaks have their heads in the clouds. A full moon rises over vast rolling deserts of blood-red sand. Beyond the crab apples, the sea crashes against the rocks, sending explosions of spray into the air. Roses fill the air with their heady, sweet scent, and Blue Banded Bees carry their spoils back to secret caves. Wait a while and skyscrapers appear; bathed in colourful city lights, I imagine the people within, and sneak a peek through their windows to watch their dramas unfold.

My world

This is my world and I will share it with you. Together we can catch the next Starship to Ikadies or Pluto. We can meet up with Gods and Goddesses, with Warriors and Wizards. We’ll walk with Pilgrims and dance amongst the stars. Step into my world and find love in the ashes, compassion in the hearts of free men, and hope in the hearts of slaves. We’ll seek adventure and thrills, stories to remember.

Join me at my window; join me in my world.